Cashmio Online Casino News for Jan 2020!

Cashmio Casino News January 2020

January heats up with WEEKLY tournaments where wager-free money, coolest gadgets and Mega Dega Spins are stacked up in amazing prize bundles! Starting from Monday 06.01.2020, each full week you get to collect points from every single daily Cashmio Champions race towards the weekly leaderboard. Get your rewards both from daily races and the top 10 of the week! Find the new missions and full info on the primary landing page.

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How to Begin a Mission at Cashmio Casino

Beginning a mission is very easy. Simply roll your cursor over the mission sheet and it will turn over. On the flip side, you want to touch the “play now” switch and this will activate your mission. You are able to take a break from a mission at any time you choose. All of your progress will be saved until you start again. You can operate many missions at one time. Also, there will be three missions available each day.

You can easily keep a record of your mission development. During a mission, you will see a development bar in the far right corner. You can further follow your mission growth on the cards found below “My Casino” and “See All Missions”. Every day you will have the chance to complete three missions. You will be given three fresh missions on the following day if you successfully complete your three missions for the day.

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How to Complete a Cashmio Mission

To finish a mission, you simply need to play according to the description of the particular mission. There are three kinds of missions at Cashmio Casino. Firstly, there is a Spin Mission. To complete a spin mission, just spin as many times as the selected mission card asks. Next, you can be given a Spin and Win Mission. Throughout these missions, you want to take a spin on the selected game and the result must be a win.

Lastly, Big Win Missions allow you the chance to get that significant win you always fantasised about and be granted double. All you ought to do is to pursue those huge wins and the mission will be accomplished.

Finish a mission and you will get cash coins or free spins! Also, there are rumours going around that there is a Mystery Coin involved with the special missions this month… Those who discover the mystery coin can certainly anticipate great things to follow ;).


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Info for Our Partners – See You at The London Affiliate Conference

Cashmio has now taken a decision to remove the no deposit free spins for three markets. We kindly ask any of our partners to update the content on your site to not confuse the players. The no deposit free spins are no longer available in Latam, Norway or the Netherlands. Furthermore, we are proud to announce that Cashmio has opened a new market for Cashmio which is Hungary.

Finally, London is only a few weeks away and we would love to meet all of you. If you haven’t booked a meeting with us yet, now it’s time to do so. We are looking forward to meeting you all.

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  1. Wishing You all a Happy New Year

    To kick things off nicely for January, Cashmio Casino is going above and beyond and offering all players the chance to complete special missions every day. Each coming with their own distinct prizes. As always, such casino news is too good to keep a secret. Therefore, you will notice new information has been added to the Cashmio Casino review page. This is so that all of our Cashmio Casino review readers will not miss out on the special incentives that are in place for members at Cahmio Casino. You can click here to see the updates.

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