Commission Magazine Recognises Stats Drone App in 1st Edition

Commission Magazine Releases its 1st Edition

Congratulate affiliate Johan Wright – the first edition of the Commission Magazine is out now!

We would like to take this chance to congratulate our fellow affiliate, John Wright and his team on the great achievements they made in working towards this excellent resource. He is behind the site which was created for affiliates to track all commissions in one single app. And this month, the very first edition of their brand new magazine is launched.

John Wright is The Mastermind Behind The Successful

Commission Magazine and What They Offer

Commission Magazine is a brand new magazine focusing on affiliate marketing and the business around it. The magazine holds interesting interviews, educational articles, and stories told by successful entrepreneurs. The magazine is, therefore, more than just online gambling and is the first affiliate magazine that focuses on all the work in the background of making an excellent site.

The first edition is out now, and will then be released quarterly. It is both free to use and read, and you can now read and subscribe to it here:

The First Edition of This Online Magazine Looks Very Promising!

We will be keeping up to date with this excellent venture and showing you guys snippets of some of the best articles they have to offer. This is a very niche market to provide for but there are really not many magazines dedicated to affiliate marketing.

Although Commission Magazine isn’t the first affiliate marketing magazine to be produced, it was made when there are not a lot of publications that are focused on the needs of anyone working in affiliate marketing. Commission Magazine aims to focus on business, entrepreneurship, SEO and online marketing. Therefore, worth a read for you affiliate guys.

We wish him the very best of luck!

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