Dr Slot’s Welcome Bonus Gets Postponed

Dr Slot’s Welcome Bonus Update – It Has Been Postponed

A couple of weeks ago we made a post about Dr.Slots Casino updating their bonuses and promotions. Unfortunately, they have postponed this update to their Welcome Bonus. This comes as unfortunate new for us at Casino4U as we are always happy to see new promotions offered to give the market a shake-up. Therefore, we will be following this closely and keeping you guys updated with every bit of information we receive.

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We will be working closely with the guys in giving you at home the latest news and progress in their Bonuses and Promotions shake-up! No doubt this new promotion will reflect the high rating this casino gets from everyone, as a result, being a very healthy bonus but only time will tell at this time.

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Dr.Slot Casino is such a highly rated brand, and a shake-up of the promotions and bonuses is always welcomed. However, this one hasn’t gone as they planned, we hope they can get things running smoothly and give you guys the best bonuses and promotions they can. Obviously, we will keep you guys as up to date as possible and also keep our Dr.Slot Casino Review updated with all the latest information.

If you guys have any experience with this affiliate company or casino. Whether it is good or bad, please let us know. As a result, we can give a much more accurate rating for each casino. We thrive on giving you guys the most accurate information possible for each casino.

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