Important Operator Updates for Casino Big Apple

Important Update From Big Apple Casino

As our aim to keep you guys as up to date as possible with all news in the industry regarding our featured casinos. We work closely with the operators, as a result, we have finally had an update from Casino Big Apple. In further info to our previous blog post about Casino Big Apple closing without notifying us, they have now released a statement of closure. This in our opinion was late notice. However, as this statement is what has been released we feel that we should share this with you.

Casino Big Apple Finally Release a Closure Statement

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Late Notice of Closure

The statement they have released mentions that the shareholders of Casino Big Apple’s owning company Big Apple Malta Ltd have taken the decision to discontinue of their Malta operation.

As mentioned in our previous blog on this issue, the research of non-payment cases may be down to ‘major problems’ with their bank in Malta (SATA Bank). These problems have led to financial difficulties after the bank’s client and customer accounts were frozen by authorities. The difficulties have also influenced the operational activities of Casino Big Apple. As a result, the casino and its affiliate program Big Apple Affiliates will be closed.

Satabank Are Under Investigation Right Now In Regards to Money Laundering

The article written about the banks’ practices does not heed well for anyone that held an account with them. However, we cannot confirm that Big Apple Malta ltd are involved in-depth. Our untrustworthy ranking came from other factors we deem as unprofessional behaviour. Some of these factors were the lack of communication from themselves to partners and reports of non-payment of winnings or earnings.

We would love to hear your thoughts and views on this, and we will update you on any other news we receive from the guys at Big Apple Casino. Feel free to leave your experiences in the comments area here or on our Casino Big Apple Review.

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