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Learn The New CAP Regulation Updates

Hello everyone, in today’s Casino4U blog, learn the new regulations on advertising. We are writing to notify you of changes to the regulatory responsibilities surrounding marketing and advertising. We are committed to maintaining compliance with regulatory responsibilities as an affiliate marketing company. Therefore, we feel it is important to communicate these changes to our readers and affiliate partners. However, this is an especially important update for our sub-affiliates.

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Adverting in the gambling landscape is governed by the broadcasting and non-broadcasting codes of practice. BCAP and CAP respectively. The updated guidance on the protection of under-18’s will take effect from 1 April 2019. The BCAP/CAP recognise the potential risks posed to children and young people by irresponsible gambling advertising. The guidance reaffirms and enhances the comprehensive protection provided by the current codes. Above all, players must always be 18 or over to enter an online casino and bet real money.

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Important Information for Our Sub Affiliates

In summary, the use of certain cartoon-like characters and childhood themes are now prohibited. This is in addition to the use of characters and actors that appear under the age of 25. The guidance in full can be found here:

From that date, the Advertising Standards Authority will begin to consider complaints under the guidance. The ASA is the body that enforces the codes of practice. Therefore, our sub-affiliates must ensure that the material used for gambling advertisements must comply with the new guidelines. This applies to anything used on or after April the 1st 2019.

As a result, all of the marketing material received from Intouch Partners has undergone significant review. Additionally, it is very important that you only use material provided and/or approved by Intouch Partners for promoting their gambling services. If you are a casual reader, read our mFortune Casino review. This is a great example of a leading InTouch Partners casino site. And finally, if you have any thoughts on these new guidelines, please let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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