New Advertising and Marketing Standards in Gambling

New Marketing & Advertising Industry Standards

You may or may not be aware, but there have been some major important changes to the industry. These new changes are worth taking note of, especially when it comes to Advertising standards and Codes of Practice. One Click Limited, the guys behind AffiliateLand and the popular Casinoland and Royal slots, have asked us to ensure that we as affiliates comply with the new policies.

One Click Limited Are The Guys Behind Affiliateland and their Brands

The New Regulations

The Committee of Advertising Practice (“CAP”) has published the Gambling Advertising: Protecting Children and Young People Advertising Guidance (the “Guidance”), which will enter into force on 1 April 2019. The Guidance includes, amongst others, the following sections:

  • prohibition of online ads for gambling products being targeted at groups of individuals who are likely to be under 18 based on data about their online interests and browsing behaviour;
  • unacceptable types of content, including certain types of animated characters, licensed characters from movies or TV and sportspeople and celebrities that are likely to be of particular appeal to children, and references to youth culture;
  • prohibition of use in gambling ads of sportspersons, celebrities or other characters who are or appear to be under 25;
  • addition to existing guidance on the responsible targeting of ads, covering all media (including social networks and other online platforms)

In addition, the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling published the 5th Edition of the Gambling Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising (the “Code”). The Code includes, amongst others, the following sections:

  • All gambling operators should have on their corporate webpages (i) responsible gambling messaging; and (ii) links through to sources of more detailed information.
  • Account profiles for operators’ branded websites on social media will clearly carry ‘18+’ symbols or a ‘no-under 18s’ type message as well as a reference to
  • A requirement that gambling operators carry the required social responsibility and age requirements on consumer-facing marketing content on their YouTube channels.
  • A requirement that gambling operators use the Twitter age-screening function when marketing to consumers.
  • A requirement that gambling operators age restrict all direct marketing video uploads to YouTube.

Affiliateland Thank Everyone in Working to Keep Compliant

The guys at OneClick limited have asked that all related material that is no longer compliant be removed from any Casinoland Review and Royal Slots Casino Review. it is part of the agreement signed that all affiliates much comply with guidelines at all times. As a result, they guys at Affiliateland appreciate the effort to make sure everything is compliant.

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