Paddy Power Betfair Brands Withdraw from Greece!

PaddyPower Casino Are No Longer Offered in Greece

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PaddyPower Casino has Now Merged With Betfair

Today we have news from the online casino powerhouse PaddyPower Casino. Firstly, you may have heard in the news about their merger. They have merged with the well-known casino group Betfair. Upon research, we found that both of these casino services are owned by a company known as Flutter. However, each online casino is still operated by the same subsidiary of the company. For example, PaddyPower Casino after the merger is still operated by the Paddy Power team. Therefore, it will not affect the online casino service offered.

Flutter Own Both PaddyPower and Betfair

PaddyPower Casino Restrictions Update

PaddyPower Casino is a very well known brand. As a result, their services are offered in many countries around the world. However, if you have read our PaddyPower Casino Review you will know that there are some restrictions in place. These restrictions prevent players from certain jurisdictions from playing for a number of reasons. We are sad to inform you that they have withdrawn from the market in Greece. This means that players from there will no longer be able to play the fantastic games at PaddyPower Casino. We will make sure that this information is visible on our review.

UK Players Can Still Play at PaddyPower Casino

Visit PaddyPower Casino Here

This is a shame as those players can no longer enjoy everything that PaddyPower have to offer. However, players from the UK can still sign up and enjoy some of the latest games and best value promotions on offer. Simply visit the casino and it will automatically detect whether you are in an allowed jurisdiction.

We would love to hear your view on the merger or the new restriction placed. Do you think there will be more restrictions to come? You can leave a comment here on this blog post or on our review page.

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