POC Tax Increase for Remote Gambling Merchants and Affiliates

UK Gambling Regulations Update – POC Increase

We at Casino4U hope we find you well. We have some important news for you, that will affect everyone in the gaming market. As a result, everyone the big casinos all the way down to the players will see the effects of this now government change. This is a major update to the market this year, along with major Advertising Regulatory updates.

The government have changed what POC (point of consumption) tax they are going to charge. The remote gaming POC rate of 15% is no longer and a higher 21% is now in force. As of the 1st April 2019, this tax will be applied to real money and bonus money also.

The Online Gambling Market is Going Through Some Major Changes

Why Increase The Tax?

The new higher 21% tax that will come in in 2019 is a little different than usual changes.  It hasn’t been brought in to create an equal market, like some changes in the past. However, it is an attempt to better regulate the huge online gaming market in the UK.

Gambling is a massive market in the UK, as a result, generating in excess of £15 billion each year. Therefore, over £5 billion coming from online sources, and this number only increasing every year as popularity grows.  The new tax is the governments’ way of saying that too much is given away in free untaxable bonuses.

HMRC are the Governing Body When it Comes to UK Tax

What This Means for You Affiliates

What this means for you guys is, that you will have to pay more tax from your earnings. As this is a POC tax it is at the point of consumption, therefore, bare in mind this may not be the casino that has to pay this but may be down to you to pay as affiliates.

The Official Government information regarding this new regulatory change can be found here:


Please do not hesitate to contact us if require any further information on these new changes. Leave a comment below on your thoughts on this new tax change and how you think they will affect you.

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