Rolla Casino Bonus Updates for Players from Germany

Important Changes to German Promotions at Rolla Casino

New Welcome Promotion In Germany Only

Rolla Casino is not just immensely popular in the UK. They have shown to be popular across Europe and in particular in Germany. As you may be aware by now, at we thrive to give all players the very latest information. Therefore, to achieve this we work closely with the guys who run the casinos.

As a result, we have some fantastic news for you German players out there, Rolla Casino has launched a new welcome bonus specifically for the German market. This may have come as a result of gaining popularity amongst the European territory. As a result, we can keep you guys as up to date as possible whether you are a new UK player or a non-UK player. Visit our Rolla Casino review to see the latest information on offer.

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26th May – The weekly 10% up to €500 cashback promotion will end on this date.
27th May – We will be adding a new 100% up to €100 welcome bonus for Germany.

As with all promotions, please make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the promotion before you deposit. It is good to see that there are welcome bonus changes across the board. As a result, showing Rolla Casino like to give all players great promotions and bonuses where-ever they play from. You can keep up to date with the latest news offered from Rolla here at, we love to keep everyone up to date with all the latest information available.

The New Welcome Offer For German Players

If you have any experience with Rolla Casino or have had a chance to use this promotion. Let us know how it went in the comments section below or on the Rolla Casino Review. We will use the information you guys at home provide us to give the fairest rating and review of each casino.

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  1. Rolla Casino Review Update

    Visit Rolla Casino Today to See The Latest Welcome Bonus Where You Live

    Just an update for you guys at home, I have put this information on the Rolla Casino review page. I must admit, there is a bit of jealousy from our UK contributors. Head on over to the comments area to check out what’s been said. Feel free to leave your views on this there too, we would love to hear from you.


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