Updated Terms and Conditions on the Kindred Affiliate Program

Important Update to the Kindred Affiliates Program

Here ar Casino4U.co.uk we love sharing the very latest news of the industry. Mainly we provide news for the players, whether it is new bonus updates or new casinos opening. However, we know that they are not the only people that need updates. That is why we offer an Affiliates section of news, and today I have news for you affiliate members out there.

Kindred Affiliates Have Some Important Changes to Their Terms

Today’s news is some important changes that need to be adhered to. The changes are to the terms and conditions of your affiliate partnership. Almost all the changes relate to compliance and regulatory requirements for Kindred Group and Affiliates promoting the brands of Kindred Group. As a result, these changes are entirely non-negotiable. Therefore, affiliates must comply with these requirements in order to remain part of the Kindred Affiliates program.

The brands under the Kindred Affiliate programme include Roxy Palace Casino and industry known 32Red Casino which are both operated by 32Red Ltd. Also included are Unibet Casino and the much loved Bingo.com which Platinum Gaming Limited operate. And not forgetting iGame Casino which is operated by Trannel International Ltd.

iGame Casino Are Part of The Kindred Affiliate Programme

As per Provision 4 of the Introductory Provisions of their existing Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”), this post serves as notice that Kindred Affiliates is changing part of the Agreement which governs your business relationship.

The changes to the Agreement are highlighted below and a full copy of our updated T&Cs can be found at: https://www.kindredaffiliates.com/terms-conditions/.

The Terms and Conditions Changes

  • Updates to their Advertising Requirements and the addition of specific requirements for Sweden and Italy
  • The inclusion of their Advertising Requirements into their T&Cs as Appendices A-D
  • Introductory Provisions, 1. Update to the registered company address of Unibet Services Limited
  • Section 1.2-1.3, clarifies what their main objectives are when providing services to customers. They expect all affiliates to act in accordance with these objectives when working with them
  • Section 1.4, in some jurisdictions the authorities make affiliates jointly responsible with gaming companies in relation to any non-compliant promotions and advertising to customers
  • Section 3.4, this wording has been updated to include an obligation on Affiliates not to encourage others to promote the Company’s services to minors
  • Section 3.9.16 & 17, further obligations on the affiliates in relation to minors are included, the design of the promotions and adverts must not appeal to minors and minors and anyone under 25 must not feature in any promotions and advertising
  • Section 3.9.19, this is a general obligation for affiliates not to engage in any fraudulent activity
  • Section 3.11, this section has been deleted and moved to Appendix B relating to personal data
  • Section 6.5, clarification over the period in which an Affiliate can dispute their monthly commission amount
  • Section 6.7, added clarification around CPA payments for player accounts with activity identified as bonus abuse
  • Section 8.2, Affiliates warrant that they are not subject to any legal or regulatory proceedings
  • Section 11, revision of Kindred’s limitation of liability in line with the Company policy
  • Appendix A, Section 1, clarification that Affiliates can only use Content provided by the Company via the Technical Platform
  • Appendix A, Section 2, this section has been updated to include stricter obligations on affiliates to include significant terms in their promotion of Company Brands
  • Appendix A, Section 3, further obligations for Affiliates offering Tipster services
  • Appendix A, Section 4, clarified obligations for Affiliates carrying out email marketing
  • Appendix A, Section 5, clarification in how Affiliates can promote the Company’s Brands via Social Media
  • Appendix A, Section 8, clarification on Media Buying and visibility on sources of traffic
  • Appendix A, Section 10, clarification on phrase match negative keywords
  • Appendix A, Section 14, clarification on live streaming requirements
  • Appendix B, this Appendix relates to UK traffic only and includes additional obligations on any affiliates promoting and advertising in the UK. Affiliates working within the UK are advised to read this carefully and go review the links included in Appendix B, Section 4

If you have any questions around any of these changes please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

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